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Lab Escape

Collaborating with Mike R. & Barry R., Lab Escape is one of the duo's projects that never got the TLC that it deserves long before I came along. With me on board, I took the Lead Artist role who's in charge of new characters design and animations to make this title a little more visually appealing. This was truly my first time working extensively with in-game 2D vector animation and it was a bit of a learning curve. Regardless of the challenges that opposed, I have had a blast working on this project! Below are the final detailed animation frames that I've created to be used inside the game. Curious about how this game came about? Read Lab Escape's postmortem here: Roaring Cat Games Devlog


This game is now officially available for both Google Play's Android DevicesApple's iOS App Store! 


Graphical User Interface Design

Character Concept

Vector Animation

Android Download - iOS  Download

Lab Escape Promo Flyer
Concept Art
Layout Color Template
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