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Lead Art & Design

Graphical User Interface Design

Character Concept Design

Character Animations

Level Design

Pixel Art


With the other half of Roaring Cat Games out for school related work, I was left to collaborate with Scriptor & Artist, Caleb B; Pixel Artist and Programmer, Ben J. of Peach Pie Productions; and Sound Engineer Kurt E to create this entry for Ludum Dare #32. I was put in charge of level art and design. This was also my first expedition into the world of Pixel Art, and I have to admit, it was a rough adventure at first. Going from large canvases with resolutions that are 1080P+ and vector art from Lab Escape to a minimal canvas of only 32x32 (pixels), my brain couldn't comprehend what was going on during for the first few hours of during pixel art! But, I loved the experience, I've always wanted to do pixel art, so timing couldn't have been better.


Here's a quick description of Dreamscape:


"A procedural generated Rogue-like inspired by games like Zelda and Binding of Isaac. The Boss lurks deep in the heart of a bleak, colorless dungeon. With modular light based weapons and animal companions, restore life and hope to a world overtaken by darkness."

Miscellaneous Game Art

Miscellaneous artworks from different contracted titles and Ludum Dare Game Jams

2D Game Artist

Graphical User Interface Design

Character Concept Design


Vector Art

Boxby Courier Game
Female Avatars
Stacy of Last Stand
Danny of Last Stand
Male Avatars
Last Stand

Lead Artist

Graphical User Interface Design

Character Concept Design

3D Modeling


Violet's Vengeance

During the course of studying for my BA in Digital Entertainment & Game Designs, my graduating class was required to create a game project from scratch as part of a milestone project. During the students project pitch, Violet's Vengeance (my brain child) received the most overall votes for the final class project. It took roughly 18 months to build a playable game mod inside the Unreal Tournnament 3D engine with most of the original gameplay idea from the game document scratched due to time restraint and lack of knowledgeable staff help at the college. Basically, my classmates and I taught ourselves to learn new tools, new programming languages in Unreal Editor, digital art, game design, and whatever we ran into along the way because our professors were just as inexperience as we were. It was definitely a learning experience, for better or worse.


The 3D models may look outdated now, but this game mod was developed during the mid 2000's, just when the wave of 3D technology was getting more familiarized on the Xbox, PS2 and GameCube.


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