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Released on Earth Day 2017, GalaxSeed, was a mobile title developed by Roaring Cat Games. The idea came from a LibGDX game Jam that took place during the 30 days between mid December 2015 and January of 2016.  After the jam, it was then continuously in development in our free time throughout the course of 2016 and 2017. 


Taking on the conventional space shooter concept as a design foundation, we threw a curve ball into the genre where instead of killing in space, you're giving life in dead space by using an array of unique seeding tools attached to your spaceship, which highly resembles a strawberry.

Today looks like a green day for you to travel through our vector universe and sprout life in space!

GalaxSeed is now officially available on itch.ioGoogle Play & iOS App Store


Graphical User Interface Design

Art Assets Management

Vector Art Style Design

Level Design

Android Download - iOS  Download

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