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Miscellaneous Projects

Below are various projects that are both personal and client base. From shirt designs, logos and branding, to flyer and promotional graphics.

Tu An Temple Tet 2019
LVC Tet 2019
Le Vu Lan Poster
Angel's Salon Logo
Pham Tek Logo
Lucent Busines Card
HTD Logo
Lucent Realty Logo
Kam's Auto Social Media
Kam's Auto Social Media Banner
Tet 2018 Poster
A Chau Menu Green
A Chau Menu Orange
Careless Whisper Cover
Happy New Year Banner
TwoFlushDump Avatar
Tet Card
Tet 2017 Poster
Tri An Monument Poster
Thoroughbred Auto Detailing
Birds Brain
KAM'S Auto
Thoroughbred Auto Detailing
Halloween 2016 Note 7 Owner
Lunar New Year 2016
Welcome Guests
Happy Nails Card Front
Construction Cat
RCG Logo
LeMix 6 Cover
LeMix 5 Cover
Arora Customs Ross BC
Arora Custom Sahab BC
Arora Customs Logo
Luigi Mixtape
Moving Voices Logo
Tailored Lifestyle Logo
World Fest Banner for Vietnam Corner
Le Wells Logo
Louisville Skyline
Design W Shirt
Central Shirt
Headz Business Card Design
Lunar Lurker
Tailored Lifestyle
Best Wine
Geisha Headdress
Car Graffitti
HOSA Shirt Logo
Personal Business Cards Front
Personal Business Cards Rear
New Year 2015
Magic City
Magic City Promo
ChainJup Entertainment Site
ChainJup Vector BW
Tu An Temple Logo
Le Vu Lan Promo
Concert Flyer
The Bolk
Green Technology
Broken Girl
Stripes Small
Off The Grid
Rainbow Swirls S
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