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This is my brain child from a creative weekend of Ludum Dare Challenge #31 with the theme: "Entire Game on One Screen". I couldn't have pulled this project together without the programing help of Barry R. (my partner from Roaring Cat Games) and fellow regular LD Jammer, Rex S.


Here is Barry's great description of the game:


BIRDS! is a tranquil, light game where you have influence over a gathering of birds. You can lightly disturb the birds, force them to move around, or if you're not careful, scare them away entirely. The game starts in "Chill" mode, and is open-ended. You can switch on the power, and enter "Shock" mode where you must protect the birds from electrical surges before too many birds get fried.


The theme was a tough one to design for, the inspiration came from making a game that has a laid back feel with a huge emphasis on a simple, yet, visually appealing silhoutette art style. Since there is only one screen for me to worry about, I wanted to one-up the level designs by making it a living one, with moving clouds, trees, and a full day/night cycle. This title could be more than just a weekend project, as it is already made playable on our Android mobile devices. You can play it at Roaring Cat Games.


Barry also wrote a great post-mortem article on this project. You can read it here: BIRDS! Post-Mortem


Art Assets Management

Vector Art Animation

Level Animation

Level Design


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